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The Aux to bat build
« on: April 03, 2013, 05:03:54 PM »
Ok here is an awesome BANNED build in a PvP tournament, But used very well in just a day to day PvP.
The Aux to bat build is purly Engineer in the making but I have incorpearated into a Sci build that I'll explain later as its just more complicated then the normal AUX to Bat build.

Best ships to do this on is Either the Star Cruiser, D'Kora, The Excelsior or a dreadnought. Its best to stick as many heals on the thing as you can but only one type of each if you can help it.

2 Piece Borg set and a Maco Sheild This will give a Auto Hull heal when taking damage.

Weapons are up to you. I went all beams front and back with a beam fire at will.

This is a D'Kora layout but using your Head you can work it out on another ship.

So Tac slots you want

Tac Team 1
Beam fire at will 2
Pattern Omega 1

Tac team 1

Eng Slots

Emergancy Power to sheilds 1
Aux to Bat 1
Extend sheilds 3

Eng team 1
Aux to bat 1

Sci Slots

Transfer sheilds 1
Hazzard emitters 2

All Human Bridge officers for added hull heal.
Doffs will have to be

X2 sheild distribution officers these transfer sheilds and add sheilds upon us of Brace for impact very handy
X3 Technician these cool down all bridge office abilities upon us of Aux to bat ability

Okay so the reason behind this build is to lower the cool downs of all your powers. You activate all you powers relise you have huge cool downs but then you activate Aux to bat. This will transfer all remaining AUX power to weapons, Sheilds and Engines. But there is also an added power with the three doffs you have. Each Purple doff offers a 10% reduction in cool downs. It also cools down the other AUX to bat so you only need to wait 10 seconds to activate it again and again and so. by the 3rd time all your powers will be ready to use again giving you plenty of heals to ones self and the team, making you almost un killable. With the D'Kora the sick tear jerking moment is when I can activate the EMP every 30 seconds cooled down from 3 minutes draining all your power from the ship systems making the damage, speed and the ability to stay alive very difficult.

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