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It seems the biggest hitch in the projects as late is Common DOFFs. Reason: They're really damn expensive now. Getting them off the Exchange is pricey- some of them start in the 60K range. Which is a lot.

The solution is to get lots of EC fast. If a lot of people follow these tips, buy as many DOFFs as they are willing to, and send them to their doom via project contributions, this will no longer be a problem.

Preliminary suggestion:
1. Buy a Fleet Credit Bonus Pool or three. Your DOFF sacrifices will be rewarded better which means more fleet gear. Which is a Good Thing and a motivator. 5K pools are going in the 300K-500K range in the Exchange right now.

Now for the good part.

Season 9 changed some stuff, so read carefully. Remember we're going for EC/time here.

1. Empty your inventory. I mean it. You may want to consider getting one Inventory Extension too. But since the drops have been reduced, you will not need more than one extension. Otherwise, you'll have to recycle stuff on the fly. Which is wasteful.

2. Hop in a ship with high DPS. Glass cannons are ideal here.

3. Pick a Foundry Farm mission. To do this, open Foundry, select Browse All, and search "farm."


If that red text isn't there, you're good to go.

Also look in the description for mention of the splash damage update. Cryptic changed shit, so YOU must inflict 51% of damage to get credit for a kill. That means another ship's core breach can rob your of your kill. Sucks.

The most common and known one is "Qwark the Farmer SFA." Others include "EC Farming DS9 - Luth" and "The Siren Star" (Note- idk if Siren Star has been updated for S9 yet.)

Hop in, kill things, collect loot. If you run out of inventory space, sacrifice Components and Batteries first, then common Mark X consoles. When loot stops dropping, leave.

Now, look at your loot. Warp cores, engines, deflectors and shields don't fetch good prices on the exchange anymore (but are the highest list price.) However, if you get a Rare or Ultra Rare console or weapon (Beam Arrays tend to sell best) then check to see the going rate for that or similar items on the exchange. Don't search the specific item. If you have a Rare Phaser Beam Array Mk XI (CrtD) (CrtH), omit the modifiers and search for all Rare Phaser Beam Array Mk XI. If the lowest priced one is worth a lot more than its value, subtract 1/5. If after subtracting 1/5 your item is still a lot more than the listed value, than list it at that price. You'll still turn a profit, and the low price will help it sell faster.


Now, for the rest of the stuff. Go to the EC Weapons vendor on ESD and sell off everything else. You will make half the list price. You should net about 500-900K depending on how many shields/engines/warp cores you get.

With Season 10 this section NO LONGER APPLIES. A new guide will be posted.
METHOD 2- Tour The Galaxy

This too has changed. It is now daily, which means that it helps to complete it. That stupid Driver Coil skill is useful here.

Get a FAST ship. You want Borg engines. At minimum, use MACO or fleet engines. Anything that enables you to break warp 10. If you have Diplomatic Immunity, all the better.

A warp core (or anything else) that boosts Driver Coil helps. Next best is one that helps Slipstream Drive cooldown. I kit out an unused small craft for this mission.

Keep in mind: Tau Dewa DOES NOT COUNT, (EDIT:Tau Dewa COUNTS now- not a bad thing really.)nor does the Dyson Sphere. Nor does Omega Leonis, if you have Diplomatic Immunity.

1. I like to start on the edge of the Pelia block. Simply being there starts you off well since it only has one subsector, AND it's the only one with one way in/out. Unless you have full Diplomacy rank or a c-store Excelsior, or whichever other one gives you way too many transwarp powers, AND a full driver coil skill, this is the best place to begin.

2. Open the Hail Starfleet menu, go to "Available" and find Jay Yim. Start the tour the galaxy mission.

3. You have 15 minutes, during which you want to cover as many complete sector blocks as possible. That means you must cover EVERY section of a sector block to get EC for that block.

Tips: Square blocks (Zeta Andromedae, Gamma Orionis, and Iota Pavonis) have 4 subsectors, but are easily nabbed by making a tight turn around the center point of the sector block. DO NOT use slipstream in these.

Rectangular Blocks (except the Deferi block) have 3 sections each. Use Slipstream here.

The mission ends when your 15 minutes are up. Every individual complete sector block nets you 25K, and every third sector block gets you 50K. Hitting all the blocks offers an additional bonus (but I nixed my driver coil skill in my last respec...)

It is not a lot, but it is enough to buy some doffs and doesn't take too long. There are 15 sector blocks in total. 500,000 to be made in total, plus some commendation xp. Basically like running an unlucky farm mission in about the same time frame.


Got any non-rep non-fleet gear you're not using- on an old ship perhaps, or in the bank, or on a neglected BOFF? SELL SHIT at the ESD equipment vendor.

METHOD 4: Lock Boxes... what?

Some items you get from lock boxes make Big Money on the exchange. I sold an unwanted Fluidic Space Beam thing for 2 mil today. Unwanted bonus pools, mirror ships, and other such jazz also make bank. Plus you get lobi and sometimes Special Dilly Chips that make you ass tons of Dilithium on dilithium weekends.

Method 5: The hourly reputation shits
All the reputations now have an hourly repeatable thing that rewards gear and a wee bit of dilithium. This is good if you have marks to burn (and aren't holding them for the Dilithium Events!) The gear can be sold. Some only give ground gear or consoles, but the Romulan, Dyson, and Nukara can give you space gear if you're TIII or better. If you really need EC fast, are already up to your ears in dilithium, this could help a little. I wouldn't go this far though :P

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Perfect.  :)  Thank you Daedrus, spot on excellent.

I'd like to quickly expand on Method#4 - Lock-boxes.
For simplicity, I'm going to include reinforcement packs in this category.
Why? The Jem'Hadar Attack Ship. When an event that gives a chance to win a JHAS comes up, start buying and opening packs... then open some more. Then, SELL SELL SELL. One Bug usually goes for around 300 to 500 million EC on the exchange. I know some players that have received as many as 11 Bugs and 14 Cell ships over the course of one event. This works for lockbox ships as well, just with smaller gains. This method is EXPENSIVE and requires a LOT of resources to begin, but it does bring the most wealth.

Thanks again for the excellent guide Daedrus.  8)
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A very good point. Also (someone else mentioned this too) from the dept. of sellin' shit there are unused DOFFs.

Plenty of fleets are still building spire, mine, and embassy. And paying as little attention as I do to DOFFs, I realized I have a pile of green ones and a bigger pile of no-longer-useful white ones. Even some blue ones.

You can swap them to white ones.

Purple (if you have a useless purple) =3 blues. Blue=3 greens. Green=3 whites. The assignment, which you get from certain control panels and Ferra, has a 5 second turnaround and no daily limit. Better still, some missions can award purple DOFFs (often useless ones, to boot.) One purple converts to 27 common doffs, ready to sell or contribute.

After I did this spring cleaning on my DOFF roster, I had 6 million EC, and that was after sacrificing every tac/security DOFF I got out of this process (which was about 50.)

The rest, I listed on the Exchange. I just priced them towards the low end of what the general category was going for during peak hours. They were being bought faster than I could list them. It was like opening a discount doughnut cart in police plaza.

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Lolunat favors (sp) or LOLnuts as they are sometimes known, are great items to farm for EC, even better than the Winter trinkets.

They're currently selling about 30K EC a pop (Update: now 24K, but still profitable) which will vary a bit if last year was any indicator. A lot of people are lazy, have real lives, or want items.

The downside is: No Tom Selleck outfit, no powerboard that can actually win. The DOFFs are cool, but not all that useful IMO. (The entertainer one looks awesome for Diplomacy XP stuff... but I can get five purples just as well for the 1000 Lolnuts that would cost.)

The monkeys and birds can be traded for mark packages. With the "daily" marks for all rep things, I see no need for this anymore. So... powerboards are fun, but you won't win without an elite one, and the benefits of winning aren't worth it. And the bird eggs are attained during the fuck-me statue (really, that's what it is) hunt, so I see no need to grind for monkey tags.

So, QED: After spending 50 favors on a standard floater, and 5 favors for a risan food item to breed a LOLnut tribble (which boosts flight speed among other things) the favors are best used to sell for EC. Even a small amount from a single event will get you a nice chunk of change.

The fuck statue hunt (14 minutes to find 10 statues) nets you 25+ whatever the drops give you. I got 50 on my last run. Assuming the rate above, that's 1.5 MEEEELION EC. Right there. That's triple what the average farm will get you.

The stupid dance party (pin the emotes and click the dancey ones as instructed for 10 minutes or so- brings back horrid memories of phys ed) will get you 50.

A standard floater+ the tribble is more than enough to get your daily pearls for a ship and to do the fuck statue hunt for LOLnuts.

Happy farming!
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yeah I'm not giving a flying fuck about this stupid Risa shit..... Keep the free ship and give it to someone that gives a fuck Cryptic
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As soon as I cranked enough for my doffs and leech console, I was fucking gone. lol. The cruiser seems well-liked and I will obtain it (as even this is better than Lobi) but also being fully aware that if people like the Cruiser too much (which they do, essentially being a Galor on mushrooms) Cryptic will probably decide to nerf it.