Author Topic: Daedrus's Build Thread! (Consolidated due to many builds occurring)  (Read 4289 times)

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In the interest of efficiency, I am placing all future builds in this thread.

(First post now commences!)

Thanks to the brutal sacrifice of many innocent DOFFs, the first revision of a dream build is now complete.

The idea was to build a ship that had all the benefits of a glass cannon, but also add a degree of survivability. An ideal build would be able to best most opponents in single combat- having enough firepower to avoid a standstill fight with scis and cruisers, but enough shield tanking power to be able to beat kill-first glass cannons. Further, it would enable me to not be the lossmaker in a team PVP. One cannot fly an escort (especially Kumaris) in team PVP and hope to succeed without help from healers, but the ability to minimize one's own liability is helpful.

Class: Khyzon (though the Charal could work here if you want better hull tanking- it may even translate to a fleet avenger with some alterations)

BOFFs: (Asterisk indicates that power is not bound to autobuff)
Uni Lt- (Eng) EPE1*, EPS2
Tac Com- TT1, APB1, BAO3, CRF3
Tac LtCom- TT1, APB1, CRF2
Eng Ens- EPS1
Sci Lt: TSS1* Haz II*


Fore: Romulan Experimental Plasma, 3x Rom DHC XII [CrtDx2] 1x Rom DHC XII [CrtHx2] (I was drunk for that last one.)

Deflector: Borg XII
Impulse: Borg XII
Warp: Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated XII [EFF] [W->S] [WCAP] [AMP] [Trans]
(I can recommend no other for cannon boats. Ho-lee shit.)

Shields: Borg XII

Aft: Rom DHC XII [Crtdx2] Rom DHC XII [CrtHx2] (Again, drunk.)

Eng Consoles: Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Fleet Enhanced RCS XII [Allres]
Sci Consoles: 4x Fleet Rom Emitter Array XII [-Th] [Pla]
Tac Consoles: 2x Fleet Vuln Finder [+Pla], 1x Fleet Vuln Exploiter [+Pla], Assimilated Module

There you have it. I'll post some stats if anyone is curious, or wants to inflate me ego further.

Anyone who wants to have some single combat- well, as the kiddies say, hit me up!
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Re: The (Gorilla) Glass Cannon Build [Khyzon]
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2014, 12:22:22 PM »
I went up againts it. Great build. Do lik this ship class but they need a fleet vesion to get it back on par with the rest of the game.
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Re: The (Gorilla) Glass Cannon Build [Khyzon]
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2014, 07:17:51 PM »
That would be awesome. However, I don't have high hopes.

-It's a "set" ship. I don't think there are any fleet versions of the 3-pack "line" ships.

-It already has most of the perks a fleet ship has over its Tier IV counterpart- 10 consoles for instance.

-The only thing it doesn't have is the added hull strength/shield modifier that a fleet version does, or a uniBOFF slot in place of a fixed one. But adding either of those will cause a lot of whining.

My next build is going to be the Charal variant. Antiproton this time. Already have all the [Accx2] [dmgx2] Fleet AP cannons I want- just need 8 fleet consoles :P. I imagine 4 Vuln Locator consoles with an AP build will be nasty indeed- especially with fleet armor consoles.

I might grab a Fleet Avenger and apply a similar build to that (despite the fact that it looks like it was designed by a stoned toddler in Minecraft.)
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MURDER DEATH KILL (Charal Aux2Bat) Updated!
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2014, 05:16:23 AM »
This is, in effect, the single meanest build that I've ever put together. It makes the earlier Khyzon build look a bit anemic. I've updated to reflect changes.

Since I'm still using the Linux box, I can't run a combat log parser. But goddamn, it can fuck shit up.

Originally, I set out with the same goals as the Khyzon- a not-so-glass cannon. Now, the Khyzon was nasty and all, but it didn't have the sort of killing power I want. It's a good all-rounder and not shabby in random PVP when you don't know if you'll get competent teammates. But it lacked something. I want to make the other guy generate enough tears for his keyboard to drink itself to death. And with this build, I think I've done that without sacrificing too much tankiness. It already has a ragequit and two haxcusations to its credit.

There are two variants. The first is the finished "Balanced" build. Mean, but it won't be killed by a Schimtar farting in its direction. The second strips the armor consoles to maximize damage potential- used for some PVE and post-alcohol 1v1s.

Variant one:

LT Universal (Eng): EPts1, A2B1 (Human)
Cmdr Tac: BtS1, ApB1, ApB2, CRF3 (Romulan Op)
LtComdr Tac: BtS1, TT2, CRF3 (Romulan Op)
Lt Eng: Epts1, A2B1 (Human)
En Eng: ET1 (Human; ET apparently doesn't share a cooldown with TT anymore!)


Fore: 5x Adv. Fleet AP DHC [Dmgx2, Accx2]
Deflector: Borg
Impulse: Borg
Warp: Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated XII [Eff] [W>S] [WCap] [AMP] [Trans]
Shields: Borg (Dyson can be swapped in if AP resist is desired)
Aft: Omni AP Beam Array, Kinetic Cutting Beam

Eng Consoles: 4x Fleet Neutronium XII (2 HullHP, 1 Turn, 1 EPS)
Science Consoles: Assimilated Module, Plasmonic Leech
Tac Consoles: 3x Vuln Locator XII (AP), Hydrodynamic Compensator

DOFFS: 3x Purple Conn (Tac Team Cooldown/Attack Pattern Buff)
3x A2B Technician- 2 Blue, 1 purple (until B'tran cooperates again...twice...)

Listed Stats: 46,208 Hull, 49.5% resistance to all energy and kinetic damage types, 27.6% base bonus accuracy before modifiers.

Variant 2 (MAXIMUM KILL)

Same as above, except with the following changes:

-Kinetic Cutting Beam replaced with Experimental Proton Weapon


Eng: Hydrodynamics Compensator, Fleet RCS XII (ResALL), Zero Point Energy Conduit, Proton Particle Stabilizer

Tac: 4x Fleet Vuln Locator (AP)

Adjusted base stats: 20.6% Kinetic Resist, 24.5% all energy resist, 44147 hull HP, 27.6% base bonus ACC, 22.5% base crit chance, 85.2% base crit severity

-For AP resist or a slight Paranid look, Dyson shields can be subbed. This build must always have two borg set parts to not get fucked. However, all three borg parts are best in PVP since you get a tractor beam (and that's the only one you can have.)

-To this end, MACO shields can be subbed and the Leech pulled. You can't have both because they didn't fix that bug/feature yet. I typically add a fleet plasma/shield console in the freed slot.

-CSV is murderous in PVE on this build. Perfect No Win Scenario gunner.

-For PVP, might swap BTs1 for BtA1 or BFAW1.

To Try

If I ever bother getting the Undine rep stuff (doubtful unless I come out of the next dilithium weekend with more dill than sense) I might try the CC deflector and core, or CC shields and core. It's another good way to get AP resist and some other helpful stuff (the deflector seems made for escort PVP.)

Flow Capacitors ain't just for science captains, it seems. I'll note that for my next respec.

Meantime, as always, if anyone wants some of this, hit me in-game. B)

Next time: Risan Love Boat builds! (Romulan Plasma and Polarized Tetryon)
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Risan Love Boat & builds
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2014, 08:02:36 PM »
I will say, this one was worth it. It works well, tanks well, and is pretty versatile.

Honestly, it's one of the best cruisers in the game, and definitely the best balanced. I'd go so far as to say it's a better Galor.
And the console it comes with is actually pretty damn good. It's affected mostly by science skills (particle generators, graviton generators, and according to the skill tree search also SubD and Flow caps, though the first two are the only evident ones.) It's a bit of an asshole weapon though, so expect a nerf on that. But even buffless it's decently powerful- if your skills and setup are already geared towards crowd control powers it's mean.

I made a Fed engie toon and have mostly leveled it (apparently, even with the base 3 toon slots, more than one per faction is actually ok now.) Killed my unloved KDF toon.

My tac toon's Boozer Cruiser will be using Rom Plasma beams. (More will be added as refinement occurs.)

Up front: Rom experimental beam, Rom DBB, 2x Rom Beam Array
Aft: 4x Rom Beam
Full borg set for engines/shields/dish

2 spire plasma consoles, Assimilated Module, Hydrodynamic compensator, 1 embassy plasma/shield console, plasmonic leech, 4x Fleet Neutronium (This will change, almost certainly. I'll probably swap to MACO shields and lose the leech in favor of another armor console.)

For my engie toon, a different approach is called for. This will be a shield eater.

Nukara Hyper-Refracting beams and 7x Polarized Tetryon beams to maximize shield drain. (This engie has flow caps maxed!)

Jem Deflector (for flow caps boost) and borg shields and engines.

5 fleet armor consoles (or swap one for the Leech when I get another one- or maybe the voth charge launcher)

2 Embassy Flow Cap/Shield consoles

Assimilated module, nukara particle converter, and hydrodynamics compensator (for accuracy, and the set boost to tet damage and flow caps)

I'll sort the other stuff later, but I'll probably run Beam Target Shields III and II along with Tac Team I.

As it stands now (no Jem dish, Nukara gear, flow cap consoles, or fleet gear) this ship eats 530/facing when the beams proc. When I get a full set of Polarized, the proc chance will be 10% instead of 2.5%. When I get the nukara stuff and Jem dish, it should go up to the 7-800 range.

As for the ship itself, it was worth the B.S.

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Re: Daedrus's Build Thread! (Consolidated due to many builds occurring)
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2014, 06:26:03 AM »'Nuk@cababs91)/ship-equipment

I haven't decided on what beams I want, but essentially its a FaW boat. As it stands its a very good ship, ive done PvE stuff with it and sometimes surprises me.

I tend to use the Wave generator with TBR for that extra damage.
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Re: Daedrus's Build Thread! (Consolidated due to many builds occurring)
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2014, 11:50:13 AM »
Good idea with the TBR. It's like a New Jersey blender.

Retrofit phasers are a good idea too- the main reason I want for Polarized Tet is still due to my minor laziness. Might try a bio-molecular single cannon/DBB/turret build for my Tac (if the upcoming craftable omni arrays are one-per-type-per-ship and not just one per ship period, I'll do both types of "heavy" rep turret and one omni phaser and omni disruptor.)

As for the eng- I ended up with two pieces of the Breen set (for the EPS/trasphasic bonus), purple Tachyon deflector with extra FLWc boost (which is better than the Jem it turns out) 6 beams, one DBB and the borg transphasic launcher (unlike my tac, I have skill points in Projectiles allocated.) It's not bad and will hold me until I decide to bother unlocking my account bank.

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Re: Daedrus's Build Thread! (Consolidated due to many builds occurring)
« Reply #7 on: October 08, 2014, 08:18:55 PM »
Alas, it seems another build has popped out!

This is the Risan Cruiser from my Tac, the Party Pooper Gave my main toon a respec and now it's awesome.

Like the Engie version, this is designed to be an anti-shield build. But since I have better gear on my Tac toon, this one is oodles meaner. Unlike basically-everything-else I've ever put together, this is an offensive support ship, primarily designed to strip shields.

Weapons: 8x Polarized Tetryon Array Mk XI (Dear Cryptic: FU for not letting me upgrade these.)*

Engines: Omega XIII
Shields: Omega XIII (Tetryon Glider is a nice bonus here.)
Deflector: Purple Tachyon XIII (with a 28ish% Flow Cap boost.)

Eng consoles: 4x Fleet Neutronium XII (2x HullHp, 1x Turn, 1x PowTrans), 1x Hydrodynamics Compensator
Sci consoles: 2x Embassy FlowCap -Threat XII (1x HullHeal 1x ShieldHeal)
Tac Consoles: Plasmonic Leech, Zero Point Conduit XII, Assimilated Module

Sci: Tach Beam 1, TBR1, Trac beam 1, Hazard II***
Tac: TT1, BtS2**, BtS3
Eng: 2x EpTs1, A2B1, A2B2, RSP3

4 Human (hull regen) 1 Saurian (Warp Core Efficiency- I run with most in weapons and Aux)

*Yeah, FU Cryptic. However, Dominion Polaron (has 2.5% each of Polaron and Tet proc) is upgradable and those are not bad. Destabilizing Tetryon is also being considered, when I have time.

**I now have 2 purple Technicians and one blue one. BtS2 might be redundant when I get a third purple, so that might be changed in the future.

***Hazard emitters is there for the debuff strip. Might swap the universal Sci for an Engie to get a non-Aux heal.

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Re: Daedrus's Build Thread! (Consolidated due to many builds occurring)
« Reply #8 on: December 07, 2014, 01:48:46 PM »
I'm at a point in my cramming where I'm inserting Civil Procedure puns into my vernacular. So, time to post a planned build! (I'll be updating the previous builds for DR over break.)

Today, we examine the 2014 Winter Grinder reward: The T6 Breen Sarr Theln Carrier. This is the best free ship I have ever seen. It's a sci-oriented carrier, which is about as far from my play style as it gets, but the specs are wicked awesome for a drain/support build. And the new Breen carrier pets make it even better. Since it's a six-gun ship there's little point in straight DPS, but I'm going to bust out a favorite support weapon and make it nasty.

Without further ado, here's a somewhat unrefined build. UPDATED 1/4 after actually building it!

Weapons: 6x Polarized Tetryon Beam Array
-This is a reward for "The New Link" and is now upgradeable! The downside: upgrading them from Mk XI Blue. The upside: 10% shield drain proc chance (vs. the usual 2.5) and the drain scales with weapon level and Flow Caps skill.
(Update: Upgrading these is worth it, especially since the Tet proc is VERY sensitive to flow cap boosts. The sole blue XIV on there does over 1,000 base shield damage/facing on proc, and I haven't even bought all the fleet flow cap consoles I want yet.)

Deflector: Tachyon with Flow Caps modifier.
Engines/Shields: OMEGA, for the Tetryon Glider set bonus that drains shields on attack.
Warp: A fleet Spire core that I'll be replacing with something more Sci-appropriate

Eng (3) 2x Fleet Neutronium, Bio-Neural Gel Packs (gives a global power boost/cooldown reduction)
Sci: (4) 2x Fleet Flow Caps (-Threat, one has hull heal buff and one has shield heal buff), 2x Breen Set consoles
Tac: (3) Ass. Module, Plasmonic Leech, Hydrodynamics Compensator

2 of the 3 breen consoles give a nice set bonus to flow caps, about 30ish. Ass. Module and Hydro Compensator will likely be replaced with two more fleet flow cap consoles since their secondary effects don't stack (one adding plasma proc, last TBD)

Hangars have Elite Swarmers. Their firepower meshes well with this build. When we get Tier V Comms, I'll add Elite Breen fighters since they have Tachyon Beam.
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Re: Daedrus's Build Thread! (Consolidated due to many builds occurring)
« Reply #9 on: January 06, 2015, 05:41:02 PM »
 The T6 Breen Carrier looks like a great shield eater; I believe I'll try that one since I'll have that ship flying around on my Sci for a bit. 8)

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Re: Daedrus's Build Thread! (Consolidated due to many builds occurring)
« Reply #10 on: January 07, 2015, 01:28:49 PM »
It works superbly in the role. Going to have to get a Sci Boff trained in Tachyon Beam 3 at some point, but it's outright nasty as it stands.