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BOFF Traits
« on: March 12, 2015, 08:14:32 AM »
Today's topic: BOFF traits! (Property class is especially boring today)

I only care about space traits for the purposes of this post. I might expand it when bored later on.

There aren't a lot but they make a difference. They've also added new ones.

Most BOFFs have no space traits at all. Some stack, some don't. I will specify what they do, who has access to  them, whether or not there's a "superior" version, and where to get them. I will skip the ones I don't really care about for now.

Romulans: Superior Romulan Operative.
Stacking: +2% Critical Chance, +5% Crit Severity, 15% Cloak cooldown reduction.
Feds and KDF can get Tactical versions of these from the embassy.
Roms can have this trait for ALL BOFF professions.

Needless to say, this trait rules if you run an AP cannon boat like I do.

Saurians/Lethians/Hierarchy*/Libbed Borg from C-store: Efficient. Not available for ROM toons outside the free Potato Man and the C-store.
Stacking "efficiency" bonus to lowest-powered systems, scaled inversely to power level setting.

Traits are only active on a BOFF in use on the ship you are flying.

Human: Leadership. Fed only.
It CURRENTLY stacks with diminishing returns AFIAK. Cryptic has changed that in the past.
Passive 5% repair rate boost for hull/subsystems.

Space Warfare Specialist: On "Veteran" boffs that came from the currency conversion, boosting all weapon damage skills. They are coveted and rare, so don't bother.

Pirate: Naussican (KDF) and Hierarchy (ALL). Increases cloak detection chance and adds a flat 1.5% damage bonus AFTER all other bonuses from other things. DOES NOT STACK.

Subterfuge: Romulan/Reman, "Superior" version exists. DOES NOT STACK with self, but stacks with Infiltrator on their common effects. Increases Stealth and Defense, also increases the temporary damage boost gained from decloaking.

Infiltrator: Same as Subterfuge, except increases the Duration of the decloak damage boost instead of the  damage. Stacks with Subterfuge but not itself. (both of these used to stack with themselves...)

XINDI-Reptile (lockbox): Impatient. Reduces recharge time of all tactical BOFF powers by 5%. Non-stacking as far as I know.

Talaxian: "Salvage Specialist": basically you get low-end R&D stuff when you kill things. W/E, farming boost or something.

One last note. From one of the DR missions you get a purple "Hierarchy" science/intel BOFF. Yes, those are the Mr. Potato Heads from Voyager.

This is basically the best BOFF to put in a science slot (or Sci/Intel if you use that). Why? It has TWO space traits, and they are both excellent: Pirate AND Efficient. For Rom toons it might even be worth losing a Romulan Operative.

Needless to say, there's a good reason why tactical Romulan toons are all the rage. Romulan Operative stacks and this gives a MASSIVE stalking crit hit/severity bonus that makes my class cannon look like a joke.

Property class is over, and so is this post.

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Re: BOFF Traits
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2015, 09:01:48 AM »
Another excellent, well-researched post Daedrus. I'll be setting this one sticky too. Thanks mate  8)