Author Topic: Cities: Skylines - Workshop items, MUST HAVES  (Read 1848 times)

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Cities: Skylines - Workshop items, MUST HAVES
« on: March 28, 2015, 06:55:12 AM »
Atlantis Stargate by Morsh, instant teleport to another gate in your city. Acts as a metro system.. Freaking Awesome. 8)

Baseball Field, It's simple but I like it. looks nice.
Skyark Building 1.2. Simply put a building worth having. Its huge and looks great.
Harvest & Trustee Branch (Payday 2 Bank) The greatest item I have found yet i the bank. I have placed "5" police headquarters around this thing due to the fact its always getting robbed.....  :P
Sydney Opera House The level of detail on this is impressive.
Burj Khalifa (New Version) The tallest building in the word, would hate to be a giant and fall on this thing.
Ammu-Nation Arm your sims o the TEATH, to go rob that bank lol. Its GTA 5's gun shop.
Larger Big Ben Everyones favourate cock... I mean clock.
Military base Acts like big police station but packs more of a punch,

there are so many more to get tons of buildings, So get on steam and down load all of them.
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