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Introduction to Baldur's gate.
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A long time ago in a decade far, far away a group of guys who worked at a company called Atari and Black Isle Studios and there were a few others that no one gives a crap about as all of them are now long DEAD.
They made a game called Baldur's gate and the add-on Tales of the sword coast. A little while after they continued the games story with the Shadows of Arn and then the Throne of Bhaal, It concluded the epic tale of your character becoming the God Bhaal, The Lord of Murder. You had two easy choices in the game, whether you are good or evil. Each choice had different game plays different ways of which the game would unfold and different arrays of weapons and classes at your disposal.

Throughout your travels you encounter again, good or evil NPC characters and each would give you a quest that would have you venturing deep into enemy infested dungeons to rescue some dudes daughter or something. The amount of loot you got was dependent on how much your team or party of six could carry. What you encounter in the depths of the dungeons varies from Orcs, Goblin archer parties, wisps, Vampires Werewolves and much worse things such as Demi Linches, Necromancers, Beholders (giant eyes with little eyes hanging off its head) but the worst has got to be dragons. The game is littered with them and each has an array of powers that will be sure to test your metal in combat.

The combat system is advanced D&D rules so its turn based style combat but its free flowing so you don't wait for a clock to count down like in a Civilization game. You move around freely exploring the area, you can position you party to combat different situations that arise with in the dungeon.

When you’re not in the dungeon you can explore the map. The first game has one large open world type of map with around 20 to 30 small area maps separated inside of it, Walking to the edge of the map will allow you to advance to the one adjacent to it. The amount of areas to explore was immense and each area had massive amounts of varying quests and jobs to carry out.

The main plot line was to figure out why the iron shortage was happening and put a stop to it. Eventually you discover it’s a ploy by a group controlled by your blood brother Saravok in the city Baldur's gate and he is controlling bandits to attack caravans up and down the sword coast. What made things worse was they were blaming the attacks on the south. Arn. The tensions grew between the north and south however war was averted when you confront your brother in the sewers beneath the city and kill him along with his underling Tazok.

You flee the sword coast and the city of Baldur’s Gate towards the south with your party in the hope of finding answers to your newly discovered blood heritage. You are a child of Bhaal, One of many Hairs to the throne of a long dead God, and Lord of Murder.

The second game picks up from where the first leaves, however you awaken in a dungeon below Athkatla, the main city in Arn. You’re being tortured by a guy calling himself, Jon Irenicus. He’s a sick, twisted and bitter Elf that was banishing and has had nothing but vengeance in his heart since he was kicked out. He hears about the Bhaal spawns and how much power you have and kidnaps you and you sibling Imoen. He rips out your souls taking your power and declares war on the elven city Suldanessellar. You have to free the city in the final chapter after traveling through the perilous and deadly Underdark, Full of dragons dark elves and beings not of this plain of existence.

You get to have a final show down with Irenicus and kill him. You get your soul back and leave Suldanessellar with your party safe in know that Arn has been saved and the city is safe.

By this point, the start of the Throne of Bhaal is upon you and there isn't many Bhaal spawns left. You are transported to a city, Saradush which is under siege by Fire Giants. There after Bhaal spawns. You are helped by Melissan (Amellysan), she tells you that a war has broken out between the remaining Bhaal spawn.

As the story progresses, The Five kill all their brethren, despite the efforts of Mellisan, a woman trying to save all the innocent Bhaal spawn and keep them safe in Saradush. Only when the PC kills off The Five and uncovers his own power is the truth revealed: Mellisan is in fact Amelyssan the Black hearted, the mastermind behind both The Five and the slaughterer of all the Bhaal spawn. She was once Bhaal's high priestess, to whom he entrusted the task of his resurrection. She does not intend to resurrect the god, however. Instead, she is preparing to become the Goddess of Murder herself.

With all quests finished and all Bhaal spawn killed, you must journey to the planar Throne of Bhaal for the great final battle against Amellysan. Ultimately, you are presented with the choice of either ascending the throne of Bhaal or destroying it and returning to peaceful life as a mortal. If you choose to ascend, they have the option of either becoming the new God of Murder or becoming a deity dedicated to good and righteousness.

The new enhanced game offers a new array of features and updates. A small graphics patch has sharpened the graphics and the fonts of all the dialog has been given a solid make over offering a glossy finish and crystal clarity. Its sharper and stands out more on the screen. You can now use the scroll button to zoom in and out of the game making the game seem closer or further away.

There are bags and bags of new areas and missions, new main quests which in their own right make the updated missions almost a standalone game themselves. BeamDog have done a real good job at making a timeless classic a once again thriving game brought back from the grave better than ever.

Also for an even better added experience BeamDog have fixed the multiplayer feature, meaning you can explore the lands with all your friends. I won't trap myself with the 'best RPG ever' phrase. But I’d say it was up there with fallout, planescape Torment and betrayal at Krondor. A game everyone needs to own.
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