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The Celestial Fury
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Despite the in-game warnings against taking katana skill (because they are rare), this is one of the better weapon choices available. Try to give at least one character katana proficiency. Celestial Fury is an awesome weapon-one of the best in the game. It does the damage of a +3 two-handed sword, plus it offers a good selection of abilities. Additionally, you can acquire the Celestial Fury early in Chapter 2, as the quest is extraordinarily simple (but not easy). The "Slave Lords" quest is one of the most rewarding in the game, and it only involves two fights. Head over to the Temple District and enter the Guarded Complex on the right side of the map. A pair of magicians will greet you and tell you to leave, but if you continue forward you will have to fight a host of summoned creatures.

Although difficult for a low-level party, this fight is nothing compared to the upcoming battle. Defeat the creatures and head back to an inn for rest. When you're prepared to take on the Slave Lords, spell up your team by the stairs. Make sure to use every beneficial spell you know, especially haste and defensive cleric spells. The upper floor is filled with strong, unique enemies. Koshi is a good first target, as he holds the Celestial Fury (and another weapon) and will be inflicting significant damage on your party. Don't move into the room (it is littered with traps), and make sure to cast resist fear. If you have an Assassin on your team, this is a relatively easy fight. Simply use poison weapon with a bow, and then shoot each enemy once. The poison will interrupt most of their attacks and spells.

This fight poses a problem for teams that are weak in melee combat, since it features some of the strongest melee fighters in the game. Despite this, it's a good idea to make this your second quest, right after you get your hands on a little equipment to round out your team. A powerful katana is not the only reward you'll get, as there are multiple suits of magical platemail (and full plate) spread throughout the room and on the corpses.

Katana +3:

To enchant a katana is no simple process. Unlike conventional weapons, the katana is already a near-perfect fighting sword. To improve it usually requires a sacrifice, perhaps a dying samurai might beg a Wu Jen to infuse his fighting spirit into the spirit of the katana. The wielder of an enchanted katana, such as this one, must respect the customs of Kara-Tur and of the samurai who once carried this blade into battle. Not doing so could drastically change one's luck for the worse.
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