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Just to get yas in the mood:

By popular demand (and by popular demand, I mean 1 vote, 1/3 of a 3-way tie, and by that I mean Craig) I am posting the first guide: The MAXIMUM KILL DPS PRIMER. The others will follow sometime after the next season drops (seeing as new traits are happening and all). I will be focusing on energy weapons here. Projectiles will work under the same principles but are not often used outside PVE.

This will not just cover raw firepower, but also procs as well as the effect that GOOD TEAMWORK can have.

First, the basics.

1. Accuracy.
You gotta hit it before you can kill it. A successful hit means your accuracy > target's defense. EXCESS accuracy goes to crit chance and severity at about, near as I can tell, a 2:5 ratio, with diminishing returns. Due to Cryptic being, well, cryptic, the upper limit is not known. For fleet weapons, I usually recommend accx2 (OR a console that boosts accuracy, e.g. tachyokinetic converter or Undine rep console) Combine that with all traits/rep powers (maybe a console) and you'll hit most things pretty well.

2. Crits.
If you're gonna hit it, you wanna hit it hard. This is one reason why the Romulan faction is such hot shit. With my rep powers, traits and BOFFs alone, I have a 16/80 chance/severity. WITHOUT CONSOLES.
A crit ratio of 1 chance per 5 severity is what's usually recommended. Tacs with AP alpha will boost both. Base damage also affects crit severity. That's one reason why people use DHCs over standard DCs. Same base DPS but an innate Severity bonus.

3. Maybe you're a Klingon and you suck at STO life. That's OK. You have procs. Disruptors are solid here and Elite Fleet Disruptors are the business when it comes to DPS. That is the Empire's big deal. 2.5% chance to eat 10% damage resistance AND 2.5% chance to increase shield damage by 25%. Elite Phasers can trigger a shield heal for you in addition to the standard proc.

See my Energy Types for more info on procs. Additionally some traits and Rep powers can affect all of the above.

Power to your weapons is a must. If you want DPS, that's going to be at 100% plus boost. NOTE that there is an "invisible" area above 125%. Beam boats benefit most from this. You get there with things like A2B and energy sapping powers/consoles, X->w cores or the MACO shields. This is why Plasmonic Leeches are a hot commodity (NOTE: DO NOT EQUIP THAT WITH MACO SHIELDS OR NEITHER WILL WORK). Flow caps boost the sucking power of these items.

Build 1: My favorite: the AP DHC boat.

You want as many Superior Romulan Operatives as you can hold. Romulans can stack the ship with them; KDF/Fed can buy Tac versions at the embassy. However, my Rom toon (which itself has Operative) has 4x operatives and the Potato Pirate. 10% damage boost tabulated AFTER other damage buffs. You want the two crit-boosting rep powers (one's romulan for Chance, the other Dyson for Severity.)

You want 2 omni AP weapons (ancient and R&D) and however many DHCs your boat will hold. If it's a 4-3 ship I usually use the third slot for a set-completing item or asshole mines. Best not to waste the power. Fill er up with as many fleet crit consoles as it will hold (though consider saving the fifth slot for a universal console that may be more helpful.) NOTE that you want to aim for a 1:5 ratio of Chance to Severity. If that cannot be done, favor Chance, unless you have 20% chance, then favor severity. AP weapons have +20 boost to severity in addition to any base stat which makes this easier. My optimum build would have 20% chance and the highest severity possible (hopefully 100 or better.) APAIII is NASTY on this build.

For a 5-2 boat you want 5 DHCs and 2 arrays. BAO now has a 100% crit chance and doesn't drain power, but Cryptic could re-nerf that.
ALSO Keep your turn rate in mind on these. You're not getting DPS if you're not facing them with the big guns.

For a Disruptor build, CRITS STILL MATTER. Sure, there's no innate severity bonus, but the PROC makes up for that (and benefits your teammates). Better still, no top-end shield in the game (save Fleet shields) has an innate disruptor resistance. Two have AP resist, three have Plasma resist, one has Polaron resist, one has Tetryon resist. Phasers and Disruptors are not covered. In any case, in a pure DPS build, approach crits the same way for any energy type. Crits are more important than base damage, accuracy more important than crits.

Basically the same deal as the cannon boat. If you go AP, place one omni beam fore and one aft. This gives you six beams fore and aft instead of the usual four. However, if you go phaser or disruptor, you can do similar. Use one omni array of the given type on one side, and get a Heavy Bio Turret from the 8472 rep and place it opposite. It will be unaffected by beam powers but deals damage similar to omni arrays.

Here you might want to aim for a 1:4 chance to severity ratio, since you'll be hitting with more weapons. Additionally, beam boats do better with procs on a broadside. Procs are not calculated like crits- they are per weapon per volley, not per weapon per shot.

Some notes on BOFF powers and DPS

If you aim for DPS, there are a few ways to bolster that. I'll put the three best known ones here. The aim is more power to weapons and shortened cooldowns. ALL OF THESE REQUIRE A TRAY ROW TO BE BOUND TO SPACEBAR. There is a good guide to that here somewhere on the forum. If someone asks, I'll link my own bindfile (which binds row 7 and 8 to spacebar, 7 prioritized.)

1. The Dragon.
Cheap, simple, effective. I'm running this on the Kazon Raider now. Take 2 EPTX abilities (I do weapons and shields) and put two copies of each. This means you get CONSTANT emegency power to something. It helps to have skilled or boosted Starship EPS but it's not required. EPTW boosts damage and weapons power, which also boosts damage. EPTS heals shields, restores shields, and hardens shields, both for 30 seconds. This layout minimizes downtime... same-ability cooldown is much greater than diff-cooldown. Both work for 30 seconds. It's mean and simple and lets you run EPTX and EPTY concurrently.

+: Easy. No special DOFFS needed (the random-boost Warp doff might be cool here, or a Conn doff). Bind and forget. Not much lag when these powers trigger. No aux power needed. CHEAP.
-: 4 engineering slots needed.

2. The Drake.
Same idea as Dragon. This makes two major changes. Now, you only need ONE of each EPTX you want. (Again, no duplicates!) Slot three purple Damage Control DOFFs (this will trigger a ~70% chance on activation of an EPTX power to knock 30% of the cooldown time off the other EPTX power.) Slot to a bound row.

+:Only 2 boff slots needed. Bind and forget. Again, less trigger lag. No aux needed.
-: HOLY SHIT, THOSE DOFFS ARE EXPENSIVE (and there's no nebula for them). 70% is not the same as 100%.

3. Aux2Batt
This is popular and I use it myself. You need two Lt. Level Eng boff slots and 3 technician DOFFs, preferably purple but optionally blue. Aux2Batt by itself slams whatever power is in your Aux to the other three powers. Add in the three purple technician doffs and you get a GLOBAL cooldown reduction (affecting ALL boff powers) every time A2b is triggered, including the other copy of A2B. NICE. Usually run with two copies of EPTS, sometimes with other stuff. It is most popular for DPS-oriented BAFAW cruisers.

Skilling out/boosting EPS is a decision to make. The boost takes longer to slosh back into Aux with a low EPS skill.

+:Near-constant EPTX with two like copies. Eliminates need to duplicate TT/most other Tac powers (which is nice with all this hybrid BOFF shit happening). Yeah, GLOBAL COOLDOWN REDUCTION with boosts to everything (even meaner with an AMP warp core I might add....)

-: Lots of trigger lag to interrupt your shooting. Makes Aux-dependent powers kinda useless. Optimal usage requires constant vigilance and/or an initial manual triggering- perhaps Aux batteries. Ewww. Oh, and if someone uses Subnucleonic Beam on you you're 250 kinds of fucked. Eats 2 Lt. Level Eng slots. Expensive in either time (B'Tran Nebula) or EC (exchange). Unless you add in EPTW you don't get the damage boost, only the power boost. The lack of Aux is very self-nerfing.
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Re: DPS guide (UPDATED)
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Having 5 AP-loaded Kumaris or A2B BAFAW isn't going to win a PVP. (Works in some PVEs though...)

These are general tips and are by no-means cookie-cutter.

1. Have a guy or two focus on raw DPS, but also remember that eating a target's shields/power makes their job easier (see my Drano build for a good example).

2. Oh, and debuffs. APB is the obvious one but there are some good ones out there. Some come with procs (the Disruptor proc springs to mind.)

3. Have a healer or two, but the healer is not the DPS guy. He can be the debuff guy or the drain guy.

Really. Make effective use of drains and debuffs (esp. damage resistance ones) and you can make one DPS guy as effective as three.

If anyone things I missed/should expand on something, let me know!