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The DRANO build
« on: April 23, 2015, 09:42:31 PM »
There's an earlier version of this posted in my build thread. However, I'm posting the latest one here due to rave reviews.

This is the USS Desk. (Because Fleet Admirals only fly desks.)

The aim is to drain. Shields first, secondarily power. This is run with aux power at max and weapons at minimum. Odd for me, but it works. Your fighters/teammates will be doing the damage work.

Weapons: 6x Resonating Tetryon Beam Array. Double chance of the Tetryon Proc. Tetryon proc that's made meaner by flow caps. (You must skill out Flow Caps!!!)

For the warp/deflector/impulse/warp, go with anything you like (but NOT MACO if you want the Plasmonic Leech to work). I like the 2-piece Omega (it adds a tiny drain proc on all shots fired) but you can pick and choose. If it has an X -->Y modifier, you want it to or from Auxiliary. Combat engines are advisable since your strongest drain has a firing arc. You also want the deflector to boost flow caps.

I run:

Tachyon Deflector with FlowCaps mod

Omega Engines

A fleet warp core that's the wrong one (but w/e)

Omega Shields

Consoles: Eng: 3x Fleet Neutronium (2 HP, one Turn Rate)

Sci: 3x Embassy Flow Cap -TH (ONE of each type as the secondary procs don't stack), and the Bioneural Gel Pack (Delta Rep) for the cooldown cut

Tac: Leech, 2 of the breen set, 8472 rep console for the turn/accuracy boost

Mod at your leisure as the principles are laid out. Now...

Tac Boffs and sci boffs are the important ones here. I use the following: TT1, BTS3, APB1 in Tac, and sci should have at least Tachyon Beam 2/3 and Energy Siphon 3. Do with the rest what you will.

Hangars: I use the Elite Swarmers (Spire) since they're really all that's there for me. Breen Fighters look awesome but we don't have those yet.

Strengths: It sucks AND blows... in a GOOD way! Between BTS3, the proc, and the Tach beam, this EATS shields. The fighters have very high DPS... so yeah. Sucks the shields and blows shit up. Tanky as all hell.

Weaknesses: Your fighters are doing most of the actual damage-dealing. Turn rate is awful, which means it's tough getting your best drain attack (tach beam) on a fast target.

I use this pretty successfully as a Tac, but a sci toon would make great use of this.