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A profession-and-faction specific build guide.
« on: May 05, 2015, 04:52:33 AM »
This one's for Smudge. (I'll expand on specializations in the next one, but will note for now that specializations add a few wrinkles to this. Ground stuff will be covered in a dedicated thread. Eventually.)

The base careers, generally

1. Tactical. For those who like to blow shit up in space and generally get mauled on the ground.

Base Captain powers:
Tac Fleet: Boosts team damage, turn rate, and accuracy.
AP Alpha: Massively boosts damage, crits, and turn rate.
Fire on My Mark: Basically AP Beta on crack with a long cooldown to match. (Knocks target's damage resist and stealth down many pegs)
Go Down Fighting: Triggerable below 50% hull. Damage boost inversely scaled to hull health (25% boost at full hull)
Tactical Initiative: Global BOFF cooldown reduction

Base available traits:
Crippling Fire: Chance to debuff target's accuracy
Last Ditch Effort: Adds a stacking Damage Resistance to Go Down Fighting tied to your outgoing damage.

Skills: Pretty much anything affecting (energy) damage, crits, maneuverability, tanking, useful power levels. Efficiency is super helpful. Ignore exotics. Flow Caps is good if you're going to use a Plasmonic Leech.

In short, you should aim to be really good at energy damage, and you should try to live long enough to deal some. Works optimally with raiders/escorts, well with some battle/cruisers and terribly with sci ships.

2. Engineering: For those who canna change the laws of physics (but can fix stuff.)
EPS Power Transfer: Boosts all power systems and transfer rate.
Nadion Inversion: Reduces all weapon energy drains (including from firing)
Rotate Shield Frequency: 30% shield hardening and massive boost to regen
Engineering Fleet: Boosts Team Damage Resist, heals, and power levels
Miracle Worker: Big heal for hull and shields, repairs all disabled subsystems

Grace Under Fire: Lose 1/5 of your hull within 5 seconds and Miracle Worker is insta-cooled down.
EPS Manifold Efficiency: Any EPTX skill boosts all subsystems a bit. Any battery boosts all subsystems a lot.

Engineering is optimal for beam boats and carriers. The focus is on power management and hull tankiness, the former of which can help DPS. Skill out for heals, preferred power levels, and tanking first, damage second.

3. Science: For people who can change the laws of physics (and like to mess with people, and know there's no "I" in team). Pretty much the only bunch that actually use Aux power on the regular.

Photonic Fleet: Summon some spaceship holograms
Subnucleonic Beam (or as I call it, the Asshole Ray): Strip all buffs from target and massively increase ALL cooldowns while active. UNREMOVABLE. A doff exists that makes this have a chance to disable engines.
Sensor Scan: Damage resist and stealth debuff, increase cloak detection
Science Fleet: Team Shield Heal boost and hardening, team power/shield drain resist
Scattering Field: Nearby Team (and self) halving of incoming energy damage

Conservation of Energy: Incoming damage provides stacking exotic damage boost.
Photonic Capacitor: Using sci powers knocks 20 seconds off Photonic Fleet cooldown, once per 10 seconds.

Tips: Weapons are the LAST thing you skill here (pretty much solely the tier one energy damage.) Certainly not Specializations. No, you skill to all that stuff everyone else ignores. You're there to FUCK with people. Power generally goes to Aux first and shields second. Flow caps, graviton w/e, sensors, particle poopers, etc. You can be powerful. You just need to be creative.

Now we get racist faction-aware

Do see my guide to boff traits, eh?,298.0.html

1. Federation

Captain: Pick human. Just do it. Big hull regen buff that stacks. (Alternatively, buy Lib Borg (efficiency) or Joined Trill (boost to many skills, mostly Sci)

Feds pretty much do whatever profession they want well if they plan well.

For a Tac build, pick Human (regen) or Alien (if you want lockbox traits)

For an Eng build, pick Human or Lib Borg.

For a Sci build, pick Human or Joined Trill.

For weapons, focus on procs. Elite Fleet Phasers are solid. Try my Drano Build for scis. I imagine it'll be even nastier.

2. KDF:

Well... KDF kinda sucks in space. They have some awesome ground traits that no one else has, but they're pretty much castrated in space, big time. With the advent of Space Potater they lose their only unique Space trait. However, the absence of options and some other variables make them good for some niches.

They have access to Joined Trill captains and Libbed Borg if you unlock them. But if your focus is space, the only freebie with any kind of space bonus is Nausicaans... and here, the Captain trait is weaker than the BOFF version. So, either spring for one of the C-store species above or just be something with a helpful ground trait.

For your crew, basically get as many Letheans as you can hold (with the Efficient trait) minus one, in which you put either another Lethean (non-tac) or naussican (tac) until you get the Space Potato, which has both.

If you're aiming for crits/DPS, optionally get Superior Romulan Operative embassy boffs.

But yeah. Not a lot of options here, so think about the big strength you're stuck with: Efficiency. That stacks and is kinda nice, especially if boosted in skills/consoles. This makes the KDF decent for engie and sci.

KDF has one other thing going and that's the Bird of Prey. This is a unique niche for sci captains, I think, since these are so versatile (and really the sole non-lockbox option the KDF actually has.) Build for speed tanking- high Defense, power to Aux and Engines, maybe the Aegis set. With all those universal slots, you can have a lot of fun.

The KDF does have more 5-gun fore ships than anyone else. For Tac or Eng (but really, you're better off as an Eng) you can build a nice tank... with cannons. Aim for procs over crits, even with cannons. Elite Fleet Disruptors are the business.

The KDF is really the only faction that can do a jack-of-all-trades Sci build that is competitive at conventional damage. Rom sci ships are target practice. Fed sci ships are aimed to be space trolls.

KDF is weakest for tactical space, which is hilarious and sad. So don't be that. I consider Eng the best choice for Klingons but you can do well as a sci.

For weapons: Tac and Engie, get Elite Disruptors. Sci, pick-a-proc.

3. Romulans.

Really, don't be anything but tac unless you buy Libbed Borg and something with a warp core.

This race was made for crit-focussed cannon boats. Really, it's what the Klingons should be. But that ain't the case. 4 rom operatives and a potato or 5 rom operatives. Done.

Also, it's ok to lose the cloak and get something with a warp core. But for realsies, just be a Tac if you're Romulan and pick that as a species. The only BOFF trait you can get that isn't related to weapons/cloaking is a single Space Potato's efficiency... and that comes with Pirate, which is damage.

TL;DR If your ears are pointy and you're not logical, be a Tac.

Naturally, since the HUGE strength of Romulans is crits, build for crits. AP is nice, but Rom Plasma/Fleet Disruptors if you're KDF aligned are good too. Oh, and those new Iconian Rep weapons look like the fuckening.
60% crit severity, you say?

Questions/comments/suggestions/insults? Reply below.

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Re: A profession-and-faction specific build guide.
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Cheers dude,
I can now start to change my game play and start building the dream boat on all career paths,
Now i have 1.8 billion ec to spend i can buy,buy,buy and get building

Cheers Daedrus ur a Star ;D ;D

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Re: A profession-and-faction specific build guide.
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No problem mate. I'll add a few cookie-cutter builds to this over the next couple days. In fact, I'll PM you the ultimate (in my view) glass cannon build for a Romulan Tac, if you're interested (since you can afford it and all).