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Tour The Galaxy (Season 10)
« on: May 06, 2015, 12:36:30 AM »
So, the walls fell. Tour the Galaxy is now way different as a result. There are two principal differences:

In case you never did this before, there is a good reason to get in now: it pays MUCH better these days if you do it properly. Previously you were capped in the 500K range. Nowadays, I have yet to actually do a "complete" tour and I pull in a million *each* time. That's a decent pile of DOFFs to feed to starbase projects, or materials to build stuff with.

When I discover the upper limit I will update this.

To make this worth your while, you need the following:

Maxed "Driver Coil" skill. This is the only reason to even touch Driver Coil, btw.

Either Borg or MACO impulse engines. At Mark XII Borg is better. MACO boosts driver coil though, and so may be faster at Mk XIV. (Borg doesn't gain speed with upgrades). I have no way to test this. Borg is cheaper so do that.

A Warp/Sing core with at minimum [Coi] and [SSR]. [SST] is optional but can be helpful. If it boosts your driver coil you want that shit.

A ship. It's good to have a dedicated ship for this- maybe use a free shuttle or something or that Risan Corvette you used twice. NOTE that the Risian Cruiser's ultra-long-duration Slipstream isn't really helpful anymore- in fact it's the opposite.

The fed "Multi-Mission" ships get a super-fast Slipstream.

Diplomatic Immunity and Raiding Party boost speed further (+50 each to driver coil plus a 25% buff to max speed.) These must be granted though.

With Driver Coil as maxed as I can make it and the Borg engines, I pull about Warp 21, 31 with slipstream. STOwiki points to a maximum theoretical slipstream speed of warp 50something.

The Path

Instead of touching all the sectors, you must now fly through the highlighted systems. Hit detection SUCKS on this, note. The planets are chosen at random-ish supposedly but generally are distributed near-evenly throughout the quadrants. You ONLY need alpha and beta- Delta isn't in this.

You want to start in a corner, and end a quadrant near to the border. There are two strategies:

-If you KNOW you lack the speed, aim for row/column bonuses. If you can get the whole Beta quadrant that's a decent pile of EC.

-If you want ALL THE THINGS, you want to minimize transit and turn time as much as possible. This means using slipstream only when you know it'll cut out before the next system.

-Only use autonav to set course, but tweak the speed or tap a turn button. Leaving yourself on autonav will stop you, often before the system's hitbox.

-Use the Q/E keys to control speed. Slow down to make turns, stop to make sharp turns. Turning is a lot faster with the new sector space system, but that principle still applies.

-Suns get in your way. Touch them, but don't run smack into them.

I'll post better strategies as I discover them. Meantime, enjoy the EC. Maybe after 5,000 runs I can get my Rom toon a Manasa. (Hey, still better than 10,000 right?)

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Re: Tour The Galaxy (Season 10)
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2015, 04:20:38 AM »
I look forward to this. as I found out my ship current go at warp speed slow-as-slug. (9.73)  I suppose it would be the same as the last one. hit all the sectors in alpha, beta, defera, 8472 and borg space. however since the walls fell this should be easier. will the transwarp to xxxx trick work here?
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Re: Tour The Galaxy (Season 10)
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2015, 12:31:56 AM »
Transwarping is a bit less helpful here since you're flying to specific planets as opposed to just tagging large blocks. But I can imagine it'll be useful in certain circumstances (e.g you finish the Alpha quadrant but are far from the beta border, transwarping to ESD would be helpful and put you in a corner.)

Basically, you just hit all the marked systems. It's harder but the higher reward potential reflects that.

The best I've managed to do (ship does warp 21.something base) is all of Beta quadrant block and just under half of Alpha block.