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Traits and Specializations: Make me a match!
« on: July 19, 2015, 05:49:22 AM »
Finally have time to do this one (and it looks like Cryptic is done fucking with these.)

This guide deals with PLAYER traits (as opposed to BOFF traits, covered at,298.0.html) but will touch briefly on BOFF specializations.

Traits are something that Cryptic has monetized in a big way, starting with the Elachi Lockbox. Recent changes have monetized other traits as well (it seems even BOFF powers are coming out of lockboxes now). I'm not going to list every trait as there are a TON at this point from various sources... and with the introduction of starship traits this becomes too much for the limited time of a law student. STOwiki or someone probably has a better list and time to maintain it.

First, let's pop on over to the Traits tab in your character menu.


Traits are divided into six categories. BTW, once we get the Krenim fleet holding levelled high enough, we can buy extra trait slots for all but the first and last below. Cool!

Personal Traits

You selected some of these when you first created your toon. Some of these are shared with/stack with their BOFF versions.

So, if you're any named species, you have one innate "required" trait and nine selectable trait slots, and if you're an "Alien" you have ten trait slots. Some selectable traits are also profession specific or species specific (e.g. Conservation of Energy, Romulan Operative).

All personal traits convey passive buffs to space OR ground. They can be modified in any social zone prior to jumping into something.

More personal traits can be unlocked by use of "genetic resequencers" (from lockboxes) and in some cases by playing certain missions (e.g. "Living Hull" comes from the Surface Tension mission)

In addition, hitting Level 15 in R&D schools provides traits related to that school. That's one good reason to level R&D. "Deft Cannoneer" for instance provides a stacking turn rate boost when cannon powers are activated.

Next up:

Starship Traits
These are new, having come with Delta Rising. They are also a sly move by Cryptic in the fiscal sense. 4 slots, with a fifth unlockable at the Krenim Holding.

As of now, there are three ways to get Starship Traits:

1. T6 Ships. On all T6 ships (except Fleet T6, more on this later) there are FIVE levels of starship mastery. The first four which are all stat buffs for that ship, and the fifth which is a starship trait. This is the main thing that differs these from T5-U, apart from Specialization slots.

Once a starship trait is unlocked on a T6 ship, it then becomes a slottable starship trait that works no_matter_what ship you're in, as long as the trait is slotted.

The C-store has a lot of T6 ships, and so do lockboxes. In most cases, starship traits are unique to only one ship. This even counts for the three free T6 ships that have been put out so far. In short, grinding free ships may be worth it now FOR ITS TRAIT ALONE. And people may buy C-store or lockbox ships for their traits. The JHSS has a nice one if you play cannons, as does the Vaadwaur Manasa.

If a C-store ship has a fleet version, the c-store one will have 10 consoles and the fleet one will have 11 and the usual improvements, HOWEVER the fleet one will not have a starship trait in its mastery chain. In short, Cryptic wants you to buy both. Cha ching badda bing....

2. In-game shit. Making a Delta Recruit and completing half then all of the objectives provides a trait. Some of the new story missions do also.

3. The latest Lockbox (of hell) can drop a Starship trait.

Space Reputation
These traits are unlocked via going through reputation tiers. 4 slots, fifth unlockable with Krenim holding. These are powerful passive traits. They are an additional incentive to do reputations even if you don't care about the gear.

Ground Reputation
Same as above, but for that part of the game without spaceships.

Active Reputation
Hitting Tier V and completing a reputation gives you an active power for space OR ground. Slot 4 of them here, 5 when you get the Krenim upgrade.

These are freebies unlocked by various in-game achievements. The only really useful one I'm aware of is "Well Travelled" which is unlocked by doing a certain level of well in Tour the Galaxy. I understand this is now harder to get.

There's some Elachi one too that my Rom toon has. Useless IMO


Once you hit level 50, Specializations are unlocked. There are currently three Primary specializations and one that is only secondary. Each level above 50 and each refill of the "specialization experience" bar after level 60 gains you a specialization point which is spendable in a specialization tree- this will give you a new power or buff.

Hitting T2 in any given specialization (except Commando) allows you to train BOFFs in that specialization.

You can have two specializations active at any point... one primary, one secondary. When the specialization is active, any powers unlocked in it become active as does its scaling buff. Setting one as primary gives you the full tree of powers you've unlocked so far and the full passive buff you've unlocked so far. Setting one as secondary gives you up to half the passive buff and up to tier II of the powers.

All of these have some sweet shit in them... if you're ready to grind.

Here are what's available ATM:

Command Officer
Can be Primary or Secondary
Space and Ground buffs

When active, a flat 5% boost to both space and ground hitpoints is applied. This boost increases with every point you put into Command.

This generally focuses on teamwork and exploits. Some of these make torpedoes useful.

Intelligence Officer
Can be Primary or Secondary
Space and Ground

When active, a flat bonus to space Defense and ground Dodge is applied. This bonus increases with each point put into Intelligence.

Powers are basically Fuckery and Counter-Fuckery.

Primary or Secondary
Space Only

When active, a flat 10% bonus to turn rate is applied, a bonus that increases with each point spent in Pilot.

This is the best. Do this one.

Secondary Only
Ground Only
Not trainable

When active, a 5% bonus is applied to all ground weapon damage. This increases if you spend points in Commando. However, spending points in Commando is not recommended due to the fact that it will make you endearing to crab lice.

So that's the rundown. I'll A any Qs.