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The Forest
« on: April 15, 2016, 09:57:39 AM »
The Forest is a single or multiplayer survival game that see's you crashed on dodgy looking island will lovely scenery. Mountains in the distance, lush green forests, abundant, and amazing looking wildlife. From turtles to seagulls, to deer and squirrel, to crazy psycho mutant things that want to rip your fucking head off, and not to mention the three legged mutated things with tentacles :'(.... YEAH!

You crash on the island after a boarding a flight with your son. You gather up and forage food and resources, build bad ass traps, keep supplies and weapons safe from nutters, while trying to find your son, and trying to stay alive. Night time is fun, if you like that type of thing, me. I find a hole and wait it out to morning. You have a survival book to build housing, traps and lots other useful things from. For a pre-alpha game, I would really rate this game as one to watch out for. Lots Dev support, bug reporting, not really seen any bugs as of yet that are game breaking, graphics are polished and the game mechanic's are solid. It has a multiplayer co-op option so having friends to guard you while your in your hole is great.
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