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For the Love of Metroid
« on: October 14, 2016, 02:20:22 PM »
So... I LOVE the Metroid series.
No, not like that; besides, that would be awkward and probably painful.

I've been playing these games all my life. I still have my original NES Metroid, OG Gameboy Metroid II: Return of Samus, SNES Super Metroid, GBA Zero Mission & Fusion, Gamecube Metroid Prime & Prime II:Echoes, DS Metroid Prime Hunters & Prime Pinball, Wii Metroid Prime III: Corruption, and I'm VERY excited to say that I am currently playing AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake for the PC.

Here's a picture of my framed Metroid NES cart (not my playing copy) that has a custom auto-paint finish that some kick-ass ebay merchant was making/selling a long time ago. All this in front of the AM2R map screen.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Alexi for bringing AM2R to my attention; it is absolutely excellent so far, especially given the redesigned elements like the boss fights, extra controls, puzzles, and more of that which is badass. I've played Metroid II countless times; AM2R is right on track to get the same treatment.  8)

Which reminds me, don't forget to check out this thread and add your own top ten (11) games list.
Post more Metroid stuff here if you can; I will be soon. For now, back to the Metroids.  8)

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Re: For the Love of Metroid
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2016, 12:03:40 AM »
 ;D I'm so happy that I was able to bring to life this remake! You're a lot further than I am, but your photo is pleasantly bad ass! At my parents I own:

Nes: Metroid
Snes: Super Metroid

Here at my house:

GBA: Metroid: Zero Mission
GameCube: Metroid Prime

Metroid Games That Were Stolen:

GBA: Metroid Fusion
GameCube: Metroid Prime II: Echoes

Metroid Games I Never Got To Own But Played:

OGB: Metroid II: Return Of Samus
Wii: Metroid Prime III: Corruption
Wii: Metroid: Other "M"

The only other one armed blaster cannon loving Nintendo Character I enjoyed commanding was Mega Man. But If Samus Aran and Mega Man were to get into a fight Samus would just destroy Mega Man so easily, but think of it....could you imagine Mega Man acquiring Samus' powers? :P

Lets think about that for a second shall we? 

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Re: For the Love of Metroid
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2017, 11:18:54 AM »
Just finished AM2R... absolute Metroid Perfection. Start to finish, a gaming masterpiece; Nintendo needs to hire the AM2R team and have them relentlessly make 2D Metroid games... forever. Only Super Metroid and Zero Mission are at this level of polish; with Fusion lagging ever so slightly behind the same level of overall excellence. The only thing lacking from AM2R... is more of it. The developers took every bit of the original game and layered it with updated graphics, music, game mechanics, lore, and most importantly: genuine love of all things Metroid.

Every rare once and a while, something comes along that I call "A Great Game". This isn't one of those times.
To me, this is even better; this is "A Perfect Game."  8) :D
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