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Going Epic
« on: May 04, 2017, 09:59:57 AM »
Upgrading you gear shouldn't cost a bomb

I feel it's time to share a little with the guys within Unfound on Star Trek how to upgrade all your gear. In a clever and responsible way. A way that won't destroy your Dilithium and hopefully get you a really good build.

I have sent an email in game but it doesn't go into massive detail and your limited on the amount of words on each one. First upgrading a Mk XII (12) item is silly and expensive. Unless its a console or space set from the reputation its kind of unavoidable. I'm talking weapons. People love guns. Especially if there CrtDx3/4 and Accx3/4. Hell even I love the golden glow of an Epic item.

To make it as cheap as possible your going to want to craft the upgrade tokens like the Cannon tec's and Beam tec's. Buying them will cost a lot of E/C. Secondly if you do the Elite PvE you will get the Experimental  token and be able to craft the higher Experimental Cannon Tec which will give you a higher percentage of Quality chance to go from Rare to Very Rare or Epic.

If you want to go to the next level and increase your chances further and save even more Dilithium you     can go down the rout of using Omega Tec upgrades. You can use the red, blue, yellow Omega and do the lengthy posses of getting the Fragments, Five fragments makes One Omega Upgrade. Or you can buy them, or stock up on them while the Anniversary event is on.

Never attempt to upgrade a CrtDx3 Mk XII item and attempt to get a MK XIV CrtDx4 item Epic as you will burn that Dilithium with a blow torch and you will feel like the whole process is a waste of money and time. Instead, craft Mk II (2) items, a bunch are available in the fleet bank now, and also on the exchange. However people are not stupid (Some, not all) they know what's popular, they know you're going to want those cannons and you will find at times a MK II item is more expensive on the exchange then a MK XII item.

The Omega upgrade is great as it does not require Dilithium when upgrading. It will also on its own boost the Chance percentage of going from Very Rare to Ultra Rare by 20%, normal cannon upgrades will offer 5% and experimental will offer 10%, but the one will cost 1100 Dilithium the other around 2100 Dilithium. If you do not have Omega upgrades try to use Experimental weapons Tec, as they offer the largest boost even though it will cost you a small amount of Dilithium.

You most likely asking why Mk II. Not only does the percentage of chance be greater at a lower level item, Omega upgrade token will have enough XP to take it all the way to MK IX(9) in one token. Each level you will have 20% chance to upgrade it to Ultra Rare to see if the weapon will get the extra Acc or CrtD Prox to make it AccX4 or CrtDX4. This is where the money is in the X4 weapons.

Now Boosts. A boost is something you use and slot into the upgrade next to the Tec. You can either have one of the following. An XP boost or Tec point boost which will increase its level faster, your not going to want to use these until after it goes Epic so that you still use even less Dilithium. The other boost is the RP (Research Boost), the Rare x2 Quality chance will double the chance of any upgrade Tec already slotted, so Cannon Tec that gives 5% will now give 10%, Experimental Tec that gave 10% will now give 20% and the Omega Upgrades that gave you 20% will now give you 40% chance. This 40% is only available while the weapon, or item is at MK II. The percentage of chance in quality if the weapon increases in level after Mk IX is servility is decreased and once again you will be wasting not only Dilithium but also Tec upgrades, Research boosts and once again your time.

So you get your Mk II item get the best upgrade Tec going, Omega if you can, if not Experimental, Get your boost and that will ten take it to MK IX at the cost of either no Dilithium of 2100. Once the item upgrades from Very Rare to Ultra Rare the percentage of chance will drop from 40% to 10% but if the item does it early on it still has a high chance to go Epic. If the weapon hits Epic and it a X4 weapon the fantastic you did it and that weapon is now worth a lot of money. You can use the Tec upgrades and Tec Boosts now to get it Mk XIV which will cost a little Dilithium, Do not use Omega boosts beyond this point as there way to valuable earlier on in the upgrade then later on. Upgrading the level with Dilithium is far better the doing the quality.

If you get an item that isn't what you wanted still upgrade it to max if you like as you can sell the item which you can then reinvest into buying more items to craft and upgrade more items. Another fantastic tip for upgrading is waiting for the event and upgrading while the event is on. The R&D event will add another 10% onto of all upgrades from Mk II making so much worth while.

I so hope this explains how to do it cheaply and efficiently and if you do have any questions or need help then drop me a message on here or in game.
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