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Chat system Tutorial
« on: May 05, 2017, 04:37:03 AM »
Hello fleet,

Just a reminder that we have our own "Chat Channel". It's called Unfound and the reason we use this is because the actual fleet chat tab does not all ways display messages sent by fleet members in chat, especially if the member is new. I do not know the reason behind this, we'll just put it down to one of the great mysteries the Cryptic like to hang on us from time to time.

To get the channel press **(ESC)
Then go to **(Chat Settings)
You will see x2 tabs one will say Tabs, the other Channels, Click the one that says **(Channels)
Then click at the top **(Join Create)
Type in here in CAPS **(UNFOUND)
Then Click on the **(TAB) button at the top once again

There is a lot of spam chat on STO so uncheck all the box's that say the following

** Combat (All of them)
** Emotes
** Inventory
** local
** Match
** Minigame
** Mission
** NPC
** Reward
** Reward (Minor)
** System
** Zone

This will free up the chat box so you can see what people are saying in the fleet, NPC chat is the NPC's that are vendors and the ones that wonder around in an instance repeating what they say every 20 seconds, Reward can be linked to another tab, System is to let you know when the game is coming down for maintenance, combat will spam every damage type the entire party is doing in a PvE/PvP or a mission, and that's a lot. Local is spam from whatever is stood near you, which is normally NPC, and Mission will display everything that pops up on the screen for you to read, and lastly Zone, which is poison.

So you want to keep fleet ticked, as well as Friends, Officer, Tell, encase someone wants you ;-) Team so if you team up you can type in here and not confuse people in the fleet.

If you scroll down to the bottom to Custom channels you will see UNFOUND Chat, Tick this and you will be able to communicate with everyone within the fleet freely and without any issues.

Thanks for reading.
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