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Cities Skylines
« on: August 25, 2017, 07:16:14 AM »
By far the greatest city building game out there. Released in 2015 I now have over 400 hours playing this building the most craziest of cities, to traffic jam solving perfection, to cities that look like they belonged in a film of the future.I enjoy spending days at a time building the crazy mega, mega cities to the more laid back quiet fishing towns with a few factories and designing my sprawling town right down to the nitty gritty detail.

The game is made by Colossal Order Ltd and published by Paradox Interactive, a partnership made in haven. You can see and tell they sat down, looked at other City builder games and said, "right, how do we make the most bad ass city builder going"
Well something like along those lines anyway I would have thought, regardless they have planned and built well, listened to the community because after two years since release the game is still releasing DLC content and the player community is still thriving in making more and more MOD based content for other players.

The game will require a slightly higher spec PC as load times struggle on a lower end gaming Rig, but once your in game and building it runs smoothly. Performance will also be effected on how massive you make your city, obviously the larger it is the more the PC will struggle at lower specs, but a high spec PC won't have any issues.  Graphically the game is great, it looks and feels nice, smooth roaming around the map roaming through a city is enjoyable and the transitions from day to night are so gorgeous. Paradox also released not so long ago weather LC which brought Snow into the game and gave it a nice Christmas/winter effect. The water in the game looks and behaves really well, from oceans, to fast flowing rivers, you can even make massive waterfalls from mountain lakes.

People have gone to town on this game with MODS, Yes you can make anything you want within the confines of the game of course. I remember way back on release and within the time it took for me and my friends to download it there was well over 50.000 pieces of individual content ready and waiting, from building designs, larger sky scrapers to cars, and even maps. The immense support from the games player base has been outstanding. Two years on and I'm still grabbing peoples designs and playing them, still making my own maps and buildings in the editor and sharing them.

The design aspect doesn't just stop with in game buildings and objects, the map editor has some truly powerful tools at your disposal and you can even grab the MODS that allow you to change things once you started a new game, so that you can truly make the most perfect of city.

As far as bugs are concerned I couldn't find any on the vanilla game with out MODS installed. Once you start slotting in multiple MODS however it will slow the game down, and some won't be optimized and kept up to date with the current game release and will break. It's just finding the right balance and finding the best content that suits you. I don't think I have ever had any crashes on the game in the 400 hours played, the only massive problem I discover was Chirpy, the blue Twitter looking bird with a hard hat on that kept popping up giving you tips, Paradox didn't give you an option to switch this little blue dude off so the community mad a cage for him, and there he remained.

The features a complex traffic system, a super complex public transport system where you can make your own routs for bus's, trains, and much more. You can customize truly everything you would normally get in a real life city. The little "Cims" that are in the city can also be manipulated to what ever you like right down to what car they drive. But doing this to a city with a million people in it is of course optional.

I truly love this game, I get the building itch sometimes, the itch to create, and this game will always satisfy me on it. I would love to give this game 10/10 but there is performance issues and load time issues with lower spec computers, Load times into cities can sometimes take up to 15 minutes, but this for me isn't a major issue, lower spec PC will however won't even run the game, so please check before buying.

Cities Skylines 9/10 A true giant of a game
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Re: Cities Skylines
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2017, 11:40:42 AM »
Great review man! I too enjoy this game when I'm in the city builder mood. Most Excellent.