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Ship builds to share / Double Dick Shot Phaser Build
« Last post by Craig on July 01, 2018, 03:01:08 AM »
A massive DPS build with a huge Double shot from a huge cannon!

Phaser build

  • Ship
Andorian Thozyn Pilot Escort [T6] This will be the Tactical variant out of the three bundle pack
  • Fore Weapons
Kumari Phaser Wing Cannons Mk XV [CrtX] [CrtD/Dm] [Dmg]x3

Any 4 Phaser Weapons after this, with [Acc]x4 [Acc/CrtD]

  • Aft Weapons
Heavy Bio-Molecular Phaser Turret Mk XV [Acc/CrtD] [Acc] [Dmg] [CtrH] [Proc] (This weapon cannot be Re-Engineered)

Any Phaser Turret of your choosing in the last slot

  • Experimental Weapons
Voice of the Prophets (This weapon does Physical Damage)

  • Space Set

Full Iconian Space Set

  • Engineering Consoles
Conductive RCS with [ResAll], Xenotech Drift Module, Xenotech Resilience Module

  • Science Consoles
Exotic particle Field Exciter [ResAll], Quantum Phase Converter, Phaser Dispersal Array

(The Array can only be obtained from getting the T5 pack of Andorian Ships along with the Wing Cannon)

  • Tac Consoles
Tachyokinetic Converter and X4 Phaser Consoles With Vulnerability Locator or Exploiter on them

The idea is to drop everything into the Wing Cannon and fire it at stuff. I did have a screen shot of a test fire and I got a 219k non Crit on a Galor with all of its shields up. We have tested this in a PvE and registered a 686k hit on a Tac Cube, this is other team mates buffing along with yourself. The ship also features a maneuvers (as seen in pic). This allows the ship to roll from side to side, shoot backwards at great speed a few kilometers and forwards. if stationary the ship will slide not roll from side to side.
Grand Theft Auto V - Online / UNFOUND: On Fire, Doing It Right.
« Last post by Feargan on April 02, 2018, 02:41:55 PM »
As we've said:
If You're On Fire,
You're Doing It Right!

Here, Cababs teaches us that being on fire can be even more:
In the rain, on fire, on a fire-engine... that is on fire, while holding a grenade.
"We are humbled by his genius."

Excellent Screenshot courtesy of Cababs:

Grand Theft Auto V - Online / Re: UNFOUND on GTAV
« Last post by Cababs on April 02, 2018, 08:39:41 AM »
You are not doing right if you are not on Fire!
General / Re: The Great Purge of 2018
« Last post by Feargan on March 03, 2018, 09:18:38 AM »
Beamed over to Starbase Unfound this morning to use the tribble juicer and found that there were some... bits... of redshirt that hadn't been liquefied or red misted as thoroughly as... um... the usual. Bang up job as always keeping the coating fresh on all surfaces... we all just need to use site-to-site transports to get around until the maintenance team can get all the turbolift shafts free of... debris. Also, anyone missing their pet Pakled, please report to the science deck's med bay; there's one down here who "Saw things... things that made him go."
General / The Great Purge of 2018
« Last post by Craig on March 03, 2018, 06:57:29 AM »
The annual purge of 2018 is complete.  Please spare a thought for those that are no longer with us. My new bridge is now freshly decorated with the blood splatter from all those that dearly departed us on this day.

If you find that your toon is no longer with us in the fleet in Star Trek Online and you want to return, I've kept a copy of your DNA and pattern in the transporter buffer to animate your filthy head and return you to the ranks of the damned. Those that have not logged on since 2013/2014 and 2015 are no longer with in the fleet. I do apologize but in the interest of keeping things organized within the fleet this needs to be done from time to time.

Thank you, hope to see you again soon.
« Last post by Craig on March 02, 2018, 06:09:03 AM »
Dam guys SIX YEARS!!! We're still awesome  8) and a little older hahaha
« Last post by Feargan on March 01, 2018, 08:47:17 AM »
Usually I write one of these in January, but it's been a crazy past few months... so here it is in March.


Thank you all for a most excellent year!
General Discussion / Re: I'm still around
« Last post by Feargan on October 25, 2017, 07:48:50 AM »
Welcome back! I've been away for the past week myself; I'll be on teamspeak as always. Enjoy all the new STO content; hope to catch you on TS sometime soon!
General Discussion / Re: I'm still around
« Last post by Cannius on October 22, 2017, 11:55:46 PM »
Wow there is so much new crap in STO............ jeez.
General Discussion / I'm still around
« Last post by Cannius on October 22, 2017, 09:25:27 PM »
Damn its been awhile since I've been on here, dealing with life and forgot my login, but I'm back bitches.
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