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Post by: Feargan on January 28, 2017, 11:37:20 AM
It's been another wild year! We've seen some good friends come back around and welcomed new ones into our ranks. We've had a lot of great laughs and some awesome wins... hell... even took a shot at Afterburner/Methous/Whatever without even trying.  ::) Damn... that shit is still funny. So here we are in 2017; more weird than ever before. We'll be here helping each other through hard times, good times, and strange times. Because that's what we're all in: Strange times, indeed. I mean, really... look where we're at: An angry, bigoted Oompa Loompa is the new US president; The UK left the EU; Hannibal Lector never said "Hello Clarice, it's nice to see you again." in Silence of the Lambs; Ben Affleck is Batman. :o  Fairly fucking strange, I'd say. No worries though, we'll get stranger and more badass right along with it all.

To that end, a toast:
May you always be stranger and more badass than the times in which you live.

Thank you all for another kick-ass year!  8)