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Title: Double Dick Shot Phaser Build
Post by: Craig on July 01, 2018, 03:01:08 AM
A massive DPS build with a huge Double shot from a huge cannon!

Phaser build

Andorian Thozyn Pilot Escort [T6] This will be the Tactical variant out of the three bundle pack
Kumari Phaser Wing Cannons Mk XV [CrtX] [CrtD/Dm] [Dmg]x3

Any 4 Phaser Weapons after this, with [Acc]x4 [Acc/CrtD]

Heavy Bio-Molecular Phaser Turret Mk XV [Acc/CrtD] [Acc] [Dmg] [CtrH] [Proc] (This weapon cannot be Re-Engineered)

Any Phaser Turret of your choosing in the last slot

Voice of the Prophets (This weapon does Physical Damage)

Full Iconian Space Set

Conductive RCS with [ResAll], Xenotech Drift Module, Xenotech Resilience Module

Exotic particle Field Exciter [ResAll], Quantum Phase Converter, Phaser Dispersal Array

(The Array can only be obtained from getting the T5 pack of Andorian Ships along with the Wing Cannon)

Tachyokinetic Converter and X4 Phaser Consoles With Vulnerability Locator or Exploiter on them

The idea is to drop everything into the Wing Cannon and fire it at stuff. I did have a screen shot of a test fire and I got a 219k non Crit on a Galor with all of its shields up. We have tested this in a PvE and registered a 686k hit on a Tac Cube, this is other team mates buffing along with yourself. The ship also features a maneuvers (as seen in pic). This allows the ship to roll from side to side, shoot backwards at great speed a few kilometers and forwards. if stationary the ship will slide not roll from side to side.